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Fully Compatible with the TS150e Mill

The TS150e mill from Glidewell Dental enables clinicians to mill in-office, same-day crowns from a wide variety of popular milling materials. Currently, the TS150e can mill restorations from BruxZir® NOW zirconia, Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic, CAMouflage® NOW nanohybrid resin composite, BioTemps® NOW PMMA, 3M™ Lava™ Ultimate Restorative, GC Cerasmart® and VITA ENAMIC® milling blocks.

BruxZir NOW Logo

The only fully sintered zirconia for in-office use.

  • Indicated for posterior crowns demanding maximum strength
  • Mills in under 50 minutes*
  • Exclusively designed for Glidewell milling systems
  • The No. 1 brand of full-contour zirconia, with over 18 million restorations prescribed
Obsidian Logo

A lithium silicate ceramic material with vibrant beauty, fewer inventory requirements and lower costs for you.

  • Monolithic glass-ceramic material with translucency similar to natural teeth
  • Indicated for individual crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, and substructures
  • Mills in under 20 minutes*
  • Available in a wide range of shades to easily match surrounding dentition
CAMouflage NOW Logo

The combination of speed, esthetics and durability you desire.

  • Indicated for inlays, onlays, and single-unit anterior and posterior crowns
  • Mills in under 10 minutes*
  • No firing, staining or glazing needed prior to delivery
  • Long-lasting finish with high gloss retention over time
  • Exclusively designed for Glidewell milling systems
BioTemps NOW Logo

Affordable PMMA material designed for esthetic in-office temporaries.

  • Indicated for temporary full-coverage anterior and posterior crowns
  • Mills in under 10 minutes*
  • Rapid patient delivery with no oven wait
  • Low water sorption for long-lasting strength and esthetics
  • Exclusively designed for Glidewell milling systems
BioTemps NOW



VITA Enamic
  • Fast, efficient processing
  • Great edge stability and detail reproduction
  • High modulus of elasticity

3M Lava Ultimate

  • Fast, easy milling and polishing
  • Less wear to opposing enamel vs. glass ceramics
  • Available in multiple shades and translucencies


  • Flexible nano ceramic material
  • Repairable in the mouth
  • Natural esthetics and translucency

*Milling times may vary based on prescription and mill used.

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FastDesign Software and the TS150e mill work hand-in-hand with nearly every popular scanner on the market today.

TS150e and FastDesign design software are compatible with these brands*:
3M™ True Definition, iTero® Element 2, Carestream CS3500/3600 and Straumann CARES® intraoral scanners* (Medit, 3Shape, etc)

*Data file transfer importation of standard STL files generated from most open intraoral scanner systems.

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